ProAssure™ Technology

ProAssure™ Technology, which consist of ProAssure™ Wrap Extreme and ProAssure™  Wrap, is a composite overwrap repair system developed for rehabilitation and repair of aged and damaged pipelines, process pipings, vessels and structures.

ProAssure™ Wrap Extreme

ProAssure™ Wrap Extreme (PAWE) is a composite overwrap repair system for corrosion prevention and strengthening of risers, pipelines and pipings, as well as other bonded repairs, both onshore and offshore. Consisting of 'E-Glass fibre' pre-impregnated with a proprietary underwater epoxy resin formulation, ProAssure™ Wrap Extreme (PAWE) is designed to be applied and to cure in wet and underwater environments, while maintaining superior adhesion and mechanical properties.

  • Benefits of ProAssure™ Wrap Extreme (PAWE):
  • Offers cost-effective corrosion protection and/or strengthening
  • Effective on dry surfaces as well as wet/subsea environments
  • Third party qualification by Det Norske Veritas Australia in compliance with ISO/TS 24817, ASME PCC-2 and PTS
  • Affords safer working conditions with no hot work required

ProAssure™ Wrap

ProAssure™ Wrap (PAW) is an overwrap repair system based on high strength composite materials for onshore and offshore applications. ProAssure™ Wrap (PAW) is developed for quick in-situ cost effective repairs and the product application is flexible for tight access and complex shaped piping or pipelines. The ProAssure™ Wrap (PAW) repair system can restore the functionality of corroded and leaking pipelines whilst providing protection against further corrosion attack.

  • Benefits of ProAssure™ Wrap (PAW):
  • Live, in-situ repairs; thus avoiding costly shutdowns and interruption to operations & productions
  • Provides cost effective corrosion protection and assists in strengthening of pipelines
  • Cures at ambient temperature and does not require special handling during transportation
  • Contributes to safer working conditions with no or minimal hot work required
  • Qualified to ISO/TS 24817 and ASME PCC-2 by independent third party laboratory and signed off by DNV GL
ProAssure™ Technology ProAssure™ Technology
ProAssure™ Technology ProAssure™ Technology
ProAssure™ Technology